Fake Followers & Instagram Algorithms

The probably most controversial topic and the question that I have been really most asked since I started my Instagram “journey”.

I have never been an expert in that topic and am not now, but I finally wanted to give my opinion to this discussion. I find these accusations “all fake” so sad to be honest, why do you not grant people their followers? I mean Instagram is really a public and free platform. Everyone, really everyone can create a profile and post. And to get straight to the point, those who are a little familiar with Instagram, quickly notice what is fake and what is real – at least the follower part. With fake followers – as far as I can judge with my little knowledge – are followers who are not interested in your content. So both bought and “played” followers must be restored continually, so they do not unfollow you again just as quickly as they followed. So it is a lot of work, for what? I do not know honestly, and even though Instagram has caused great fluctuations in follower-growth through the new changes in the algorithm, it is still a natural process in which one should not intervene. Wasn’t that always the exciting part?



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  1. Hey ­čÖé
    Recently I got hacked, because i bought too much followers. But I’ve created a new one and now i’m living an organic insta life haha #veganinsta, love your blog..

    <3 Gitta

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