JOHNNY & THE FOOD Event in Berlin

As you may have seen on my Stories, I was staying in Berlin for a few days for a little “get together”. I have already been to an event like this two month ago and am so happy to have been invited again. It was simply amazing, perfect weather, fashionable penthouse from GORKI Apartments and amazing guests! I loved the event in Berlin, which was organized from JOHNNY AND THE FOOD. Not only is he a great cook, but a really nice guy with new ideas about how to make the world a little bit better by living with zero waste. Zero waste sounds way to radical at first, at least that’s what I thought, but it’s actually not that difficult to eliminate plastic from your daily routine.

The event was all about eating delicious fresh food and meeting great new personalities. Hosted in one of the nicest penthouse apartments of GORKI Apartments, the view couldn’t have been better! Besides the colorful vegan burgers from Bekarei and bowls from JOHNNY AND THE FOOD, some delicious smoothies were made by My Goodness and nails were painted with the beautiful and natural polishes from Treat Collection.

I am really looking forward to my next events and locations and hope you like the blogpost! Photos from the event are following and I would be really happy to read some of your comments! 😚



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