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Hello my loves,

as you may have already seen in my Instagram pictures, I am currently living in Sevilla, Spain for 6 months. I am living in Spain for one “semester abroad” (6 months) from my university and will be writing my bachelor thesis afterwards in Germany (hopefully successful haha).


Because I have lived in America for two years in the past, I thought this wouldn’t be too difficult and decided to take all courses from university in spanish. I may have underestimated that a tiiiiiiny bit, but as hard as it is for me now, I am convinced that it will pay off at the end of my stay (well, that’s at least what I wish for haha).


So far, so good! I am loving Spain, its culture, food and simply everything.

EisPlaza de EspaƱa

I have to say, it’s quite different to the German culture, especially the “time” to what everything is done. Eating, going out, going to bed, everything is 2-3 hours later than in Germany, which is quite nice considering the life in the streets in the evening. In Germany all people are long gone, everybody inside, when in Spain they just start getting ready. All of this is of course also influenced by the stunning weather, end of October in Spain is like a dream summer in Germany.


If you would like to know some more facts or experiences of my stay, please comment below, I always love to read your feedback!



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