New Haircolor and first YouTube Video!

Hello my loves,

as you may have already seen, I changed my hair color (again I should say haha). I went from light blonde to dark red, a pretty huge transformation! I thought, because a lot of you have been asking, what hair color I use and if I do it myself, I would do a little video while I’m coloring my hair. I always do it myself, with a little help of my mom.

I have been reading about pre-oiling and tried it myself, which is why my hair looks greasy at the beginning. My hair is covered in oil one night before I dye it (I also do that when I’m not dying it the next day). And for those asking, yes I am wearing pants, they are just short and the t-shirt long, so it may appear as if I’m not wearing anything haha.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy my little video and subscribe my channel!

Thank you so much, Kisses


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